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Having a global vision and national layout, China Beauty Expo Series has spent 18 years from settling in Shandong in 2000 to having a national market in 2010, which has accumulated held more than 90 sessions of beauty exhibitions and has become China’s beauty industry chain exhibitions. With our branch companies: China Beauty Website, Qingdao Beauty Expo, Jinan Beauty Expo, Beijing Beauty Expo, Zhengzhou Beauty Expo, Wuhan Beauty Expo, Kunming Beauty Expo, Shanxi Beauty Expo, Shandong Beauty & Cosmetics E-Commerce Committee, China Tour Beauty & Makeup Festival, China’s beauty industry prefectural -level investment, China beauty talent pool and other platforms.
“Professional” is the advantage of Meibo; “Innovation” is the purpose of Meibo; “Integrity” is the attitude of Meibo and “High-quality service”is the insistence of Meibo. Meibo will always maintain the above purposes, customer-centric and effect are our principle. As China beauty industry exchange platform and good assistant of the upstream and downstream of excellent resources, we want to build China beauty & cosmetics industry’s most valuable promotional platform to help more enterprises achieve success.

Exhibition Profile

Zhengzhou Beauty Expo 2018 shortened from China (Zhengzhou) International High-end Beauty Products and Cosmetics Expo 2018 will attract 100,000 visitors over an exhibit area of 40,000 square meters, including four exhibition areas, namely Special Decoration Image Area, International Exhibition Area, Luxury Brand Exhibition Area and Standard Booth Exhibition Area. It is a platform to recruit distributors, agents, franchising and show business style with a  more rational partition and layout.
Zhengzhou Beauty Expo belongs to the central region, covering the surrounding eight provinces and one city: Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu, Tianjin, etc. At the meantime, it is convenient that organizing committee sets free bus service in 17 cities and 108 counties in Henan Province. Gathering famous products and elites, it is an ideal one-stop purchasing platform for professionals. In addition, there are a series of activities and high-end forums both academic and commercial during the exhibition, which makes Zhengzhou Beauty Expo more abundant and attractive.

Exhibit Range

Professional Products: Skin Care Products of Beauty Salons, Body Beauty Products and Equipment, Cosmetic Tattooing, Aromatherapy, Nail Care Products and Tools, Raw Material, OEM/ODM Supply Chain Products and so on;
Daily Chemical Products: Daily Cosmetics, Cleaning and Personal Care Products, Makeup, Perfume, Infants’ Skin Care Products, Dental Care Product;
Hair Products: Products of Shampoo & Conditioner & Perming & Coloring, Hair Products, Hair Care Product, Hair Accessories, Hairdressing Equipment and Instruments, Salon Furniture;
Plastic Surgery: Plastic Equipment and Instruments, Plastic Technology, Plastic Institution, Biological Gene Beauty Products;
Packaging Materials: Packaging Instruments, all kinds of Containers, Special Purpose Bags, Decoration and Printing; Others: Professional Media, Education and Training Institutions.

■Participation Requirements

Exhibitors must have valid “Business License”; “Commodity Inspection Certificate” and “Hygiene License” for imported cosmetics; “Production License” and “Hygiene License” for manufacturers. Counterfeit and shoddy products are forbidden to sell on the fair, otherwise the responsibilities shall be taken by the exhibitor himself.

Participation Procedures

Please fill in the application form with your company stamp, and mail or fax it to the committee. Payment should be made to the designated bank account within one week after signing the application form. And then fax the remittance to the committee for confirmation. Apply first, pay first, served first. The committee reserves the right to adjust the final booth locations. 

Exhibition Purposes

Promoting China’s beauty and cosmetics industry steps into international standards, promoting international exchanges and cooperation in beauty and cosmetics industry, improving quality and building brands, providing a broad space for beauty industry of “innovation, open and development.”


Organizing Committee

Zhengzhou Beauty Expo Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Address: A Floor13, B Building Shidai Huating, West Street, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China
Contact person: Nancy Na   Mob/ WeChat: 18561833101   Tel: +86-532-85019628   Fax:0532-85833615   QQ:3434425747 Email: nancy_na@mobogj.com