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 Health and Beauty Products Branch of China Commerce Association for General Merchandise
Shandong Meibo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Cosmetics Industry Association

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Shandong Meibo International Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.

■Media Partners

138job.com, 5588.TV, Discovery Resource, Yuezhifeng Beauty Information, Lirongzaixian (Shandong), 300.cn, Yangguanglishe (Shandong), mobogj.com, hair8.net, hzpzs.net, zghzp.com, onezh.com, zhanhui.3158.cn, 360xh.com, 365mrmh.com, 31expo.com, spajob.cn, 12900.net and etc.

About UFI

On September 20, 2017, UFI ( The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) Paris headquarter brought us an exciting news: China (Qingdao) International Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetics Expo (known as Qingdao International Beauty Expo) was officially certified by UFI. As its organizer, Shandong Meibo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd. also passed the vote by the UFI panel of judges and officially became a member of UFI.
So far, Qingdao International Beauty Expo has become China’s leading international exhibition with UFI certification and the first event approved UFI in Shandong beauty and hairdressing industry.
UFI certification is the international exhibition industry’s affirmation of exhibition sponsors and organizers, and the full recognization of internationalization, specialization and branding operation of Qingdao International Beauty Expo.

From 2003, Shandong exhibition industry has entering the fast developing period. Expo Realizing zero-breakthrough of UFI approved events in Shandong beauty industry, Qingdao International Beauty Expo ascends top exhibitions of the industry, which will attract more attention to the exhibition industry in Qingdao. At the same time, Qingdao International Beauty Expo will continue following the “13th Five-Year Planning of Exhibition Industry”, with the authority and influence of UFI certification, it will bring the exhibition platform to a new level and promote the development and upgrading of the exhibition industry.


About Qingdao International Beauty EXPO

Organized by Shandong Meibo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Qingdao International Beauty Expo has been held 32 sessions, and is the largest and most influential B2B Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetics Expo in eastern China. The 33rd China (Qingdao) International Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetics Expo 2018 will be held during March 22-24 of 2018 at Qingdao International Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers professional beauty, daily chemicals, medical plastic surgery, Taiwan Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Hongkong Pavilion and professional manicure, eyelash and tattoo. The exhibition scale is about 30,000 square meters, nearly 1200 international and domestic exhibitors and 50000 industry buyers from Shandong and nearby regions will attend. Customer-Centric and In Pursuit of Effect are our principle. Qingdao Beauty Expo will be the most efficient information platform by which you look for distributors, agents, franchising and partners, show business chrisma and learn from beauty industry experts.

Floor Plan

The 33rd China (Qingdao) International Beauty, Hairdressing and Cosmetics Expo 2018 will occupy Hall 2,4,5,6 and 7, with 30000 square meters exhibition area, 1200 booths, a grand banquet awards ceremony of 2000 people and 5000 professional audience.

Previous Fair Gallery

Qingdao International Beauty EXPO Free Shuttle Bus

Exhibition Range

1. Daily Chemical Products: daily cosmetics, cleaning and personal care products, makeup, perfume, infants’ skin care products, dental care product, Wechat and e-business;
2. Professional Products: skin care products of beauty salons, body beauty products and equipment, Healthcare Hydrotherapy and SPA Products, permanent makeup, aromatherapy, nail care products and tools, raw material, OEM/ODM supply chain products and so on;
3. Hair Products: products of shampoo & conditioner & perming & coloring, hair products, hair care product, hair accessories, hairdressing equipment and instruments, salon furniture;
4. Plastic Surgery: plastic equipment and instruments, plastic technology, plastic institution, biological gene beauty products;
5. Packaging Materials: packaging instruments, all kinds of containers, special purpose bags, decoration and printing;
6. Wechat and e-business providers: oral care, underwear, cosmetics, nutrition supplements and health care products, masks, enzymes and so on;
7. Bath and shower: hot springs, swimming pool, bath, sauna, clubs, SPA, foot bath, regimen, health industry, etc.
8. Dental Beauty: tooth whitening, oral care and so on;
9. Other: professional media, education and training institutions, etc..

Promotion Plan and Exhibition Service

1.The committee will invite buyers and professional visitors from China and overseas via phone, fax, email, Micro-blog, Wechat, website, mailing, text, invitation letter and visiting.
2.The committee will distribute posters and VIP visitor badges directly to beauty and cosmetic dealers, shops, stores, beauty salons, and SPA clubs.
3.The expo will be reported on multiple magazines, newspapers, websites, and TV Station with updates both in pictures and words. Wechat and Baidu headlines also will promote the news of this expo.
4. The top 5,000 beauty salons and cosmetics shop who make advanced reservation will get a gift on site.
5. 17 cities arranged more than 30 free buses to pick-up beauty shop owners to the venue.

■Booth Price List


■Booth Price List

Participation Procedures

Please fill in the application form with your company stamp, and mail or fax it to the committee. Payment should be made to the designated bank account within one week after signing the application form. And then fax the remittance to the committee for confirmation. Apply first, pay first, served first. The committee reserves the right to adjust the final booth locations.

Participation Requirements

Exhibitors must have valid “Business License”; “Commodity Inspection Certificate” and “Hygiene License” for imported cosmetics; “Production License” and “Hygiene License” for manufacturers. Counterfeit and shoddy products are forbidden to sell on the fair, otherwise the responsibilities shall be taken by the exhibitor himself.

Qingdao Beauty Expo Committee
Shandong Meibo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 
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