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Qingdao Address: Floor 2 Huajia Building, No.52 Shandong Road, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China Telephone:86-532-85019622 Fax: 86-532-85833615
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Daily Chemical Products: Daily Cosmetics, Cleaning and Personal Care Products, Makeup, Perfume, Infants’ Skin Care Products, Dental Care Product.
Professional Products: Skin Care Products of Beauty Salons, Body Beauty Products and Equipment, Cosmetics Tattooing, Aromatherapy, Nail Beauty Products and Tools, Raw Material, OEM/ODM supply chain products, etc.
Hair Beauty Products: Hair Products of Shampoo & Conditioner & Perming & Coloring, Hair Products, Hair Care Product, Hair Accessories, Hairdressing Equipment and Instruments, Salon Furniture;
Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgery Equipment and Instruments, Plastic Technology, Plastic Institution, Biological Gene Beauty Products;
Health Care: Moxibustion, Enzymes, Meridian Magic Cupping Slimming, Suspended Moxibustion Regimen, Fumigation Treatments, Energy Meridians Stone Treatments, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy SPA and other health care products and equipment;
Women Fashion Items: Fashion Accessories, Consumer Goods, Salon Skin Care Service , Equipment, Health Care Products, Make-up Bags, etc.
Packaging Materials: Packaging Instruments, all kinds of Containers, Special Purpose Bags, Decoration and Printing;
Others: Professional Media, Education and Training Institutions.